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Tehachapi Mountain, Double Mountain, Black Mountain #3

10 September 1988

By: Bob Henderson

Leaders: Bob Henderson, John Cheslick

There are three peaks in Area 3 near Tehachapi and 16 eager beavers were at the meeting point early, so that we were able to start before 10:00AM.

The weather was perfect - a nice cool breeze after the previous Labor Day weekend sizzle - and the woods were open and pleasant to walk through. Charlie Knapke brought big new cans for the peaks. Patty Kline announced plans for the Oktoberfest.

The hike involves a straightforward climb of Tehachapi, then a descent to a road in the saddle, then up the road to the second peak. Coming back, we met Laura Webb on her way up to Double, and since Phyllis Cooper went home that evening, we still had 16 to enjoy the salads and the conversation. The County CG is a little pricy: the sites cost $12 for each site, and we used two. We did have the whole area of about six campsites to ourselves. Though the only disturbances were from raccoons patrolling for lost trash and a few local teenagers looking for a quiet place in which to be noisy.

The next day the 16 bounced up Black #3. There are some Indian hieroglyphs just below the house at the roadhead available for viewing after the hike. Afterwards the group split, some opting to tackle Mayan and Butterbredt and others opting to go home in the warm day.

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