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Sunday Peak, Bohna Peak

27 August 1988 (private trip)

By: Alan Coles

Eight of us (Alan and Janet Coles, Jon Sheldon, Ruth Adler, John Southworth, Evan Samuels, Roy Stewart and Karen Nikisher) recently did these two peaks as a loop trip using a car shuttle. The trip went well and we were done quite early as some threatening clouds began to cover the sky.

For those contemplating these fine summits, I have some updated information to report. I had done these peaks by the same route several years ago and I am pleased to say that the trail conditions are far better now. Previously, there had been some logging activity along the ridge connecting the two summits which obscured the trail in many places. The trail is in far better condition now. Although there still are a few overgrown spots along the way, most of it is very straightforward and it is always easy to pick up again as it stays along the top of the ridge most of the way.

The trail to Bohna Peak takes off from the Sunday Peak trail about 1/4 mile from the summit (if one is not careful, it is easy to get off this trail by accident when returning from Sunday Peak). The trail takes off from an unmarked junction and heads down along the north ridge. The trail continues down, steeply at times, for almost a mile from the summit of Sunday to where it reaches a broad flat at the junction of the ridge that heads south to Bohna. There is a post with nails at the junction, but no sign. The left fork turns south towards Bohna while the right fork continues down the north ridge.

From the junction, the trail heads south deceptively onto another ridge, then crosses over to the correct ridge below the spring on the topo map - the spring is actually further down than shown. From here it continues (south) down the ridge over bump 6991 and down to the saddle below Bohna. From here it an easy climb to the summit.

From the summit we retraced our steps back to this saddle and followed the trail about 1-1/2 miles down to where it reaches Forest Road 24S07. It comes out about 1/4 mile beyond where the HPS Peak Guide recommends you park (approximately 1-9/10 miles from Hwy 155). The trailhead is marked by yellow ribbons hung on (yes) an old oak tree. Just look for a jeep trail on the east side intersecting the road.

One could also climb Bohna from the bottom using this trail. Follow the peak guide for Bohna, but go about 1-9/10 miles from Hwy 155. Turn right onto the jeep trail. There is room for many cars on this broad ridge. The jeep trail becomes a hiking trail in a short distance and from there it can be followed up to the saddle below Bohna.

The portion of the trail down the ridge to Bohna is not shown on the California Hot Springs (15 inch) topo but is shown on the Sequoia National Forest map. However, the trail is shown incorrectly as going around the east side of Bohna.

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