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Mount Islip

20 July 1988

By: Kay Machen

Leaders: Kay Machen, Joe Douglass

Through some quick thinking on my part, I managed to schedule this same hike twice in two months. Nevertheless, we had 24 people turn out at La Cañada. Next stop was the now anonymous Pine Hollow Picnic area.

From there we wended our way up the hill and through the woods, not to Grandma's house, but to Little Jimmy Campground for a regrouping stop. From there we took the most direct trail to the top where we joined those who came by way of Crystal Lake, for a total of 36.

After an environmentally pleasant lunch we said goodbye to the Crystal Lake people and divided our La Cañada group into the trail people, led by Jack Goldberg, and the ridge people, led by John Backus, for our return to the cars.

It was a beautiful day and having returned with the same number of participants with which we began I would have to consider the day a success despite the repetition of Mt Islip.

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