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Kratka Ridge, Waterman Mountain

7 May 1988

By: Stag Brown

Leaders: Stag Brown, Bobcat Thompson

Once upon a time, on a cold and foggy morning, three happy hikers met for breakfast at Lloyd's. Their names were Bobcat Thompson, Stag-a-pooh Brown and Nami "Thumper" Brown. They were planning a trek to conquer the infamous Kratka Ridge and Mount Waterman.

They were not to do it alone, however, for at 7:00AM, or thereabouts, 17 bold hikers had come to join them. Together they journeyed to their first stop at "Three-points" - pointing left, pointing right, and pointing to the restrooms. A place known among many hikers for its aroma which can kill the sense of smell for life if breathed-in too deeply.

Having left behind two vehicles, they made their way to the beginning of the trail. Chilly wind engulfed them and they were forced to bundle - making travel difficult. But these strong peakbaggers were not easily deterred. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another peakbagger joined them. There was murmuring and discussion among the hikers. But realizing he was more friend than foe, he was welcomed with enthusiastic ahhs.

Their travel was slow as they climbed in elevation. One hiker had to stop to fight for breath, but his strength came back to him after a little rest.

The bold hikers reached their first destination, Kratka Ridge. One fearless hiker was weary and losing her strength, but kept up --- not allowing the climb and obstacles to beat her down. What a trooper!

The tireless group started up, up into distant terrain. Off the trail, they were forced to use born instinct. The first in command, Stag-a-Pooh, successfully led the way dodging "apache" snow - a patchy here and a patchy there.

All too soon the group made their way to the top! (By the back way.) They conquered "the great one", Mt. Waterman!

The troop celebrated the climb and restored their energy with liquid refreshments.

The battle, however, was not over. The trip back would prove to be challenging and more difficult. They started down a steep ridge. Suddenly, fog swept in and swallowed them up, their vision becoming difficult. Lost and confused in direction, they headed eastward rather than northward. The fearless peakers kept on. None too soon, a distant trail was spotted. Gathering their bearings, they corrected their mistake and headed in the right direction. The fog lifted. Nothing but beauty was to be seen.

The trip back was pleasant. Crossing the land of wildflowers they were surrounded by flower children. Attacked by their beauty, the hikers were blinded by color. Soon creatures and insects escorted them and birds entertained them with their songs. All too soon they reached their cars and ended the shuttle. They completed their trip entering La Cañada/La La Land. A few ended the day with a meal at Lloyd's. Everyone hiked happily ever after.

Special thanks to all the other fearless hikers: Roger Allen, Tom Garcia, Jim Kilberg, Marty Magaddino, Robert Williams, Johannes Zorrell, Stephanie Accornero, Kenneth E. Kramer, How Bailey, Maurice Giter, Doug Hansen, Jeff Wilson, Lisa Glatman and Asif Ahmed.

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