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Mount Emma, Old Mount Emma

26 March 1988

By: Stag Brown

Leaders: Stag Brown, Bob Thompson

Six early-early birds (Bobcat, Joe Young, Mike Baldwin, Stephanie Accornaw, Nami Brown and myself) wormed our way into Lloyd's Restaurant for breakfast. Then we met with the rest of the early birds, 38 total, at the nearby La Cañada carpool point. There we gave the car shuttle instructions. Then we caravaned to Mill Creek Summit, for water and necessities. Then we continued to our final destination.

We started hiking at 8:30AM. In our first few minutes we encountered wildflowers all over the mountain. White, pink, purple, and multi-colored flowers were to be seen. And to top it off, the weather was perfect. We, however, had entertained other notions about the weather because the previous Friday had been a real scorcher.

We stopped along the way to absorb the wonder of the beautiful flowers, to engage in good conversation and eat snacks. When we got to Emma, we looked at Cole Point, and some of the other mountains around. After more snacks, lots of pictures were taken. We headed for Old Emma. Wildflowers were still prevalent on the hillside forming a carpet of yellow and gold hues.

One hour later Bobcat and the tigers reached the top of Old Emma. The weather was still nice. In fact, we didn't realize that down below the weather was scorching. We were fortunate to have a nice breeze. When we all got to the top, the party began. Mike Baldwin brought some "nasty" Asti. Bobcat and Joe brought Champagne. There was also beer and juices. Spirits overflowed as we all toasted the 100th scheduled HPS hike led by Bobcat and myself. Nami presented chocolate bunnies (white for Bobcat, and brown for me) in behalf of this climb together. Pictures, and more pictures were taken. Many people were surprised to know that two leaders could stand to hike with each other this many times. Bobcat and I have worked out a mutual respect pact where we both can head up a mountain. Working together, respecting each other, and thinking of the total group has made it work all these years.

At 1:15PM, we headed back down after much partying and resting. We went down through a path of golden flowers. When we reached a canyon, we headed down it to our cars. For fun we walked through a drain tunnel under the highway. The weather started to get hot. It was surely a beautiful day and everyone seemed to have fun.

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