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Rabbit Peak #1, Granite Mountain #1, Round Top, Iron Mountain #3

19 March 1988

By: Walton Kabler

Leaders: Walton Kabler, Mary McMannes

Twelve hikers met us in La Cañada. At first we thought we had about fifty participants, but most of the mob turned out to be BMTC groups on their way to ice axe practice. We wondered why everyone had an ice axe. Had the goons come after being warned away? We carpooled over to Monte Cristo Campground. Then we walked up mining and power line roads to the summit. After a short break, we ran the ridge to Granite, just the way we said we would do in the write-up.

Caller #1: Do we really run the ridge?
Walt: Actually we walk.

After lunch on Granite, we followed a road over to Round Top, then down a steep ridge to the saddle between Round Top and Iron.

Mary's machine: Hi ... leave a message.
Caller #2: Mary, I think it's rude to put that stuff about goons in your write-up.

We climbed Iron, came back to the saddle, and dropped back down to the campground via road and steep ridge. We had met at 7:00AM, and were back to the cars by 4:00PM.

Walt: ... and two quarts of water. Anything else?
Caller #3: Yes, what's a goon?

Well, if you have to ask. Maybe that anonymous caller who complained was one. The people on the trip certainly weren't.

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