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Monrovia Peak

6 February 1988

By: Alan Coles

Leaders: Alan Coles, John Radalj

An unusually large group of 33 showed up early on this Saturday morning trek and managed to find the starting location despite a map with incorrect street names. Nevertheless we got going very quickly on a cool morning that was turning very warm, very fast. Despite warnings that there are easier ways of doing this peak, all pushed onwards and upwards to the ridge given as the alternate route on the peak guide. I allowed some tigers to go ahead, while allowing the slower ones time to catch up and have a break. Some interpreted this as permission to go all the way to the top and were not seen for the remainder of the hike - except for a short time on top when they signed out. Allowing for some breaks along the way, the rest of the group reached the summit after noon. The weather was quite warm. Some snow near the summit was a welcome relief for some who underestimated the amount of water they needed.

After a nice break, enjoying the fine views on this clear day, we descended the same way tediously going down the steep and rocky parts. Our knees rejoiced as we regained the Clamshell truck trail and followed it back to the cars. We arrived back around 4:30PM. Thanks to John for helping out on this one.

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