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Pallett Mountain, Will Thrall Peak, Pleasant View Ridge

1 May 1971

By: Lu Petitjean

Leader: Bernie Petitjean
Asst.: Lu Petitjean

A moderately early meeting time of 7:30 a.m. was surprisingly adhered to by most of the 41 participants of this trip (including even the leaders). Of the 41, all but two were members of the HPS. We did sight one unfamiliar big camper among the group of cars and upon inspection, we discovered it belonged to the familiar Van Allens! (It has every convenience you could ask for in a camper so we naturally called them "softies", etc.).

The day was warm and sunny and a delightful breeze kept the temperature at a nice moderate level. It was close to 11:00 when the front end of the group reached the summit of Pallett. Beth Henry was with us and carried her little (?) son to his first Peak. As per her plans, she left us at this point. On Will Thrall a few photos were taken of the plaque furnished by the Native Sons of the Golden West in memory of Will Thrall. It was carried up and placed by this group and many of the HPS members. (An interesting account of the ceremony can be found in Vol. II, Issue 5 Summer 1965 of the 100 Peaks Lookout.)

On the summit of Pleasant View Ridge the entire group reunited (with the exception of two who turned back earlier) for a leisurely lunch. Our return trip was shorter as we ran a ridge down for quite a ways till we joined the trail again. It was a fun way down and cuts off a lot of switchback trail trudging. By 3:30 everyone was back to their cars with plenty of time to have an easy trip home.

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