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Grinnell Mountain, Lake Peak, San Gorgonio Mountain, Jepson Peak, Dobbs Peak, Charlton Peak, Shields Peak, Anderson Peak, San Bernardino East Peak, San Bernardino Peak

27-28 June 1970

By: Bob Van Allen

San Gorgonio Ridge + Two
Leaders: Bob Van Allen, Paul Lipsohn

The write-up in the schedule said this would be a strenuous trip. I believe all the participants would support that statement.

We met at 6 a.m., Saturday morning, at Camp Angelus to set up the car shuttle. Most people drove up Friday night. We moved to Poopout Hill and were hiking by 7:15. The group consisted of 15 backpackers plus one doing the first two peaks as a day hike. The trip to Slushy Meadow and Dry Lake was accomplished in easy style and short order. We dropped packs above Lodgepole Spring and climbed Grinnell and Lake. Descending from Lake we located our packs and proceeded to Mineshaft Saddle and then to the new trail to San Gorgonio. We arrived on the summit at 3 p.m. and spent an hour resting and having lunch.

At 4 p.m., we left for Jepson, climbed it and moved to start Dobbs at 5 p.m. The last one returned to the trail at 6:15. Shortly thereafter we left for Charlton, dropped our packs again and started up about 6:45. We returned, after a scenery-gawking stop on top, about 7:30. Picking up the packs for the last time we headed for High Meadow Spring and camp. We arrived at 8:15, some 13 hours after starting. In camp we located three more HPS'ers who had come up to join us for the second day. They had a fire going for us and hot water ready. It was a welcome sight to a group that could be classified as "bushed". All made it to camp in reasonable shape and 10 of the 15 made all 6 of the first day's peaks.

On Sunday we rose at 6 and left at 7 (now 18 of us) for Shields, Anderson, San Bernardino East and San Bernardino. On San Bernardino, we began lunch at 10 a.m. We figured this made up for eating lunch late the day before. At 10:45 we departed for Camp Angelus arriving at the trail head at 1:15. We moved down to the store and completed the car shuttle. All were back at the store having refreshments by 2:15.

Weather was perfect both days. Scouts were everywhere. There are many ways of doing this trip - perhaps we can figure out some way to include 10 K Ridge.

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