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Castle Rocks, Black Mountain #1

15 August 1970

By: Bruce Collier

Leaders: Bruce Collier, Fred Bode, Sr.

Thirty-six sunseeking smog-bound peakbaggers met at Vista Grande R. S. to caravan to the Fuller Ridge Trailhead. The trail has been opened to its junction with the Dark Canyon route and offers a new relatively brush-free method of climbing Castle Rocks by an approach from the east. Rain began to fall as we left the trail and before the ridgetop was achieved, a true thunder and lightning storm confronted us. Rocks and brush provided temporary shelter to permit parkas and ponchos to emerge from packs. On to the summit, thirty-six signed in and a rapid descent on the forested ridge brought the trail and sun.

Lunch followed as the group reached the cars, despite leader threats to go on to Black before eating. He was outvoted 35 to 1.

Black Mountain Lookout greeted the group as Claude Walker broke the 17 year goal line - 100 peaks. A thirsty group toasted the occasion, as he added the HPS emblem to his prior DPS badge. The metal lookout seemed to attract the storm as lightning resumed and a hurried descent to the Boulder Basin C. G. ended the day. A highlight was the welcome return of Fred Bode, Sr. to peakbagging.

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