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Pechacho Peak, Palomar Mountain, Boucher Hill, Hot Springs Mountain, San Ysidro Mountain

6-7 June 1970

By: Bob Hawthorne

Leaders: Gene Andreoski, Bob Hawthorne

Plans for this outing originated in February, 1963, when a very friendly Indian said we should come to the reservation in June to see the wildflowers, but in general, the display was below normal due to early rains followed by a long dry spell.

Highlight at Pechacho Peak was an after-lunch discourse by Chief Ponchetti of the Santa Ysabel Tribe. I'm sure we were all impressed by his intelligent presentation of their problems.

On High Point (Palomar Mountain), two became eligible for membership and three were on their 100th peak. Ruth Smith made her 200th and headed for the list by climbing three more going home.

Boucher Hill was scheduled at 8 p.m. with a wild hope that a glorious sunset behind Santa Catalina Island would save the "drive-up" from being scratched from the list. Looking down on the layer of fog cloud advancing up the canyons was reminiscent of Hwy. 1 near Pt. Sur.

Sunday afternoon, nearing the end of the long road down Hot Springs Mountain, I was congratulating myself on a very successful outing despite several obstacles - early fire closure, drought, overcrowded camps, Indians on warpath -- and WHAM! A dozen cars were lined up ahead. We were locked in the reservation by a heavy steel gate. We deserve to be massacred. Our grandparents drove their grandparents at gunpoint from their fertile valleys and now we covet their mountains. Soon after starting to walk down the road to plead with the Chief, along came the caravan. Someone had gone up the hill, snapped the lock, and finally returned with the key.

In spite of the delay, Bob Van Allen led a group to the Chimney Rock Ranch, obtained permission, and successfully climbed San Ysidro which should be included in the next outing to this area. Also for next time, we should arrange with the Indians to camp on their reservation.

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