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Little San Gorgonio Peak, Wilshire Mountain, Wilshire Peak, Cedar Mountain, Birch Mountain, Allen Peak

16-17 May 1970

By: Bob Van Allen

Yucaipa Ridge
Leaders: Bob Van Allen, Ken Ferrell

Two score minus six made the Yucaipa Ridge this year. We met Saturday at 4 p.m. at Mill Creek Ranger Station and set up the car shuttle. We had permission to cross and park on private property. Big Falls Campground was quite full but we managed to squeeze in with time for socializing and a good supper before dark. Afterwards we met for more story telling, future trip planning and final instructions for the morning.

The 4:30 get-up time and the 5:30 start proved better and better as the day wore on. From camp the route led up Mill Creek to a ridge that abutted into that saddle about 600' below and to the east of Little San Gorgonio. Before 8:30 we were on Little S.G. and as the heat beat upon us were thankful that we had completed the hardest part of the day. Now all that remained was -- five more peaks.

It seemed that we no sooner left one peak than we were on the next -- and -- eating again. Wilshire Mtn. was a fine spot for a split break and then on to Wilshire Peak which was Bernie Petitjean's 200th. In his honor we had a special celebration and a longer eating break.

By the time we got to Cedar the thermometers were rising rapidly so in contrast the shady trip to Birch was almost pleasant. Then came the trek to Allen. The lower the hotter, so ten waited while 24 climbed Allen in 95 degree weather.

The shuttle cars were reached at 4pm and all 34 loaded into a Toyota, Datsun, 2 Bugs and 2 civilian cars for the return to the campground. Most left for home but ten of us cooled our feet in Mill Creek while cooling our insides with store bought liquids before heading for Sir George's in San Berdoo. We never did figure out why they put us in that back corner by ourselves.

Trip consensus: Fantastic!

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