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Sorrell Peak, Bald Eagle Peak, Lightner Peak, Piute Lookout, Breckenridge Mountain

30-31 May 1970

By: How Bailey

Leaders: How Bailey, Bill Warner

The Piute Mountain area south of Lake Isabella was revisited but this time the problem was dust instead of mud. Sorrell was climbed by the usual route from the west by a group of 32 that ranged in age from 5 to 68. The loggers have started a new road out to Piute Lookout which we took for the about half a mile, but the rest of the way is now just a jeep road. Both of these peaks have excellent views but the timber slashing in both areas is quite bad. According to the Ranger, they will be finished in 1971 and must leave no "slashes" visible from the road (small consolation). At the tiny Saddle Springs Campground most of us camped up on the little ridge on the east side. It was private, clean and free of dust. Frank Demers treated us with his voice and guitar and although we were a lousy singing group, he made up for it.

A woodpecker served as an alarm clock so we got an early start to Bald Eagle and finished it just as it started to get hot. At this point we lost several from the group but picked up four more for the exploratory to Lightner. This is a pleasant ridge on the north end of Breckenridge with a commanding view of Lake Isabella and the Kern Gorge. A Sam Fink register was found at the base of an unclimbable (for all but three) summit block. Four cars completed the most enjoyable weekend by continuing on up to the TV towers and the lookout on Breckenridge.

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