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Rabbit Peak #1, Granite Mountain #1, Round Top, Iron Mountain #3

28 March 1970

By: Les Stockton

Leaders: Les Stockton, Ken Ferrell

This loop climb is one of the most enjoyable fuel break ridge running climbs in the Angeles Forest. This trip was marred only by the confusion as the meeting place. Mill Creek campground shown on all the topos and forest maps has now been recently redesignated Monte Cristo campground. Mill Creek picnic ground is only a few miles up the highway. So it is inevitable that some people will meet at the picnic ground instead of the campground. Of course, in the future, after new maps show the new designation, the problem will disappear, but until that time additional explanation in the schedule will further compound the confusion. It will be best to meet at my house and drive in from there -- at least one person will not be confused. My extreme (or supreme) apologies to the six people who formed their own expedition and climbed them all anyway another way.

36 people assembled at the new named Monte Cristo campground. After a short 1 mile warm up on the dirt road we proceeded up the very steep fuel break to the upper road. A short fixed rope above the road and up another 800' to the summit of Rabbit. Climbing generally upward, the group reassembled at the top of Granite. Loop trips are especially welcomed by the Gourmets and the Sun Bathers. Everyone must make all the peaks, so waiting for the tail end to catch up on each peak allows lots of time for eating and resting. As usual the leader gives a 3 minute warning notice to leave just as the people arrive who need the rest the most -- oh -- well!! After the first two mountains are climbed, we proceed downhill through two more summits back to the starting point, running the fuel breaks -- steep and long. A fun trip with everyone reaching the cars by two p.m. Gleason and Iron were nearby, so 9 peakbaggers proceeded to add these two to their drive up list. The cable was across the road to Condor and Fox so these two were contemplated but not seriously from that time and place. Next year we will schedule all eight, starting earlier and changing a completely enjoyable climb to something strenuous and exhausting.

Again thanks to the group for an easily led climb. And to the other group for climbing direct and showing me a new route, and to the Orange Baron and Baroness for wanting to do Condor and Fox.

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