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Kitching Peak Trail Maintenance Hike

7 February 1970

By: Frank McDaniel

Leader: Frank McDaniel

Our leader couldn't make it but eighteen eager shovelers, clippers and loppers met east of Banning on this beautiful winter Saturday. We had been advised that a Forest Service Trail crew would repair the trail from "BIG TREE" to the saddle en route to White Water River. We narrowed our maintenance efforts to the area between the Saddle and the peak -- and it needed it! In many places the manzanita and scrub-oak had almost overgrown the trail. In several places the trail was indistinct due to slides and washing.

The most significant event was that Bruce Jones (11 years) attained his 100th summit! Everyone congratulated Bruce and he in turn plied the group with bottle after bottle of champagne.

We returned as a group reaching the car an hour before sundown. It was a great day and a great celebration.

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