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Trail Maintenance - San Gabriel Peak

3 January 1970

Leader: Bruce Collier
Asst.: Dick Worsfold

Twenty-four eager workers assembled at Red Box Ranger Station on a clear sharp winter morning. Assistant leader Dick Worsfold led one party up the Mt. Wilson road to the Markham Saddle and began work at the lower end of the trail. Leader Bruce Collier guided the remainder up the Mt. Disappointment road for an attack on the middle and upper parts of the San Gabriel trail.

The route is steep, overgrown in many places by shrubs, too narrow at several places, undefined for many yards on the upper reaches, and totally absent at three points. All of these were remedied including a major construction and realignment effected at one point. Here an almost vertical rock chute required cutting steps and hand holds for nearly fifteen feet. Master engineers Akawie and Loveland were largely instrumental in changing this point from turn-back to passable.

By 1:00, lunch was eaten, pictures taken, and the trail given a final pat and dedicated to those who will come after.

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