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Tecuya Mountain, Antimony Peak, San Emigdio Mountain, Brush Mountain

15 November 1969

By: John Backus

Leader: John Backus
Asst.: Duane McRuer

Fifty-two people in almost as many cars gathered at Lake of the Woods in a discouraging drizzle. However, the optimists in the crowd asserted that the weather would clear, so we hopefully started out. After considerable consolidation, we drove up roads 9N21 and 9N19 as far as passenger cars could be taken; from this point the summit of Tecuya Mtn is only a half hour's walk. Grading for a heliport has covered up any previous cairn and register, so a new cairn and register were provided. By this time the weather had considerably improved, so we drove back out to the Cuddy Valley road, along it to 9N22, and up this to a miner's cabin. From this roadhead, Antimony Peak is about an hour's hike, so we had lunch on the peak as we watched fog roll in from the north. During lunch we became aware of the fact that our past chairman, the Red Baron, was not with us, which was strange because he had come along specifically to get Antimony Peak. Since he has already supplied a written confession giving his reasons for not lunching with the rest of us, we will say no more except to caution the general public that a number of individuals in the HPS now know how to hot-wire a Volkswagen.

Getting back to the highway, where a half-dozen people dropped out, we drove out the Mil Potrero road to Apache Saddle, then took road 9N34 almost to the summit of San Emigdio Mtn., where a new register was left. By this time, the fog had obscured everything; however, there is no view from San Emigdio anyway, so it didn't matter. The fog accompanied us as we drove out to the highway, up 9N27 to Marian Campground, and up a mile of jeep road to Brush Mtn. for our last peak of the day. We drove back out the Mil Potrero road, getting back to pavement about 5:00 p.m., which was only a half hour behind our schedule.

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