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Ten Thousand Foot Ridge

18 October 1969

By: Vicki Duerr

Leader: Vicki Duerr
Asst.: Bob Van Allen

At 9:00 a.m. fifteen people stood just west of the South Fork Campground awaiting a scouting report on the road to Heart Bar Ranch, the destination of their car caravan this cold, crisp morning. Ten minutes later, in a cloud of dust, our assistant leader, Bob Van Allen roared into the assemblage (figuratively not literally) to inform us that not only was there snow, but a figure resembling the abominable snowman. We hurried to investigate only to discover the former had melted before we could get there and the latter was only YOUKNOWWHO - Sam Fink who had come up the day before and spent, needless to say, a rather cold night.

With the mystery solved, we started up the peak under the able leadership of our assistant, Bob. It took but 500 feet of this rather steep ridge route to discourage five people from going any farther. The remainder of the party continued and reached the top about 1:00.

The view from 10K ridge the year before had been tremendous, but on this day both San Jack and San Gorgonio were socked-in. With signs of deteriorating weather drifting our way, we started right back down and none too soon, for we were soon engulfed in a mild snow flurry. However, we did not let this rush us. In fact, in keeping with the highest interests of the Sierra Club and the 100 Peaks Section, and as an answer to those who claim we do nothing but run up-and-down mountains, Dick Akawie led us in a brief nature study. Under his expert tutorage we were all soon able to recognize rocks and trees with consummate ease.

Our day ended on a happy note with a small discreet celebration at South Fork Campground in honor of the leader's birthday.

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