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Tehachapi Mountain, Double Mountain

24 May 1969

By: Dick Akawie

Leader: Dick Akawie
Asst.: Carol Akawie

After meeting at 8:45 a.m. at the entrance to Tehachapi Mtn. Park, the group drove to Area 6 of the campground, which has an elevation of about 6000'. We left a few minutes after 9:00, going first by trail, then fire road, and then by jeep road and indistinct trail to the top of Tehachapi Mtn., which was reached a little after 11:00. Inasmuch as the scouting trip last October had gone off course on the way back from Tehachapi Mtn. to the campground, the two women who did not wish to go further were asked to wait there until we got back from Double Mtn. The group then proceeded cross country down the southwest side of Tehachapi Mtn. to the saddle between the two mountains and followed another dirt road to the top of Double Mtn., which was reached at 12:15; the register is on the west peak, while the radio station is on the east peak. After lunch we went back down the side of Double, up a jeep road to the top of the ridge on the east side of Tehachapi Mtn., and contoured around to the ridge on the north side of the peak. Those who had waited on top of Tehachapi Mtn. -- their number had grown to about a dozen because of latecomers -- then were joined to the main group.

The rapid descent brought us back to the cars between 3:45 and 4:00 p.m. Thirty-seven had climbed Double Mtn., and about 48 signed in on Tehachapi Mtn.

The route back from Tehachapi Mtn. is easily lost at present. It is important to stay on the ridge which goes due north, and a compass is essential. Three latecomers, who arrived on top of Double Mtn. just as we were ready to leave, were given directions for the route back. Yet they still got lost coming down from Tehachapi and did not arrive back at the campground (in a deputy sheriff's car) until 7:00 p.m. The driver also learned not to park downhill from the road on pine needles, as he had no traction when he tried to back uphill and managed to roll forward into a pine tree.

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