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Ranger Peak, Indian Mountain, Rouse Hill

17 May 1969

By: Don McLellan

Leader: Bob Hawthorne
Asst.: Don McLellan

Among the forty-five hikers who appeared at the former Vista Grande Ranger Station near Idyllwild Saturday morning were numerous new faces. The morning was warm and clear. The group warmed up with a short hike along a dirt road to Ranger with Bob Hawthorne in the lead for the umpteen thousandth time. A noisy rattlesnake provided some excitement in an otherwise uneventful stroll.

After arriving back at the cars within an hour, we drove to the road to Indian Mountain. The day had turned hot and the road to the peak was dusty, but a profusion of blooming flowers enlivened the hike. After eating on top all were back to the cars by 12:50.

Later, twenty-five squeezed into the few suitable vehicles and bounced over the long, rough road to Rouse Hill. Starting at 2:00 all except some carsick dropouts arrived by 3:15. Two vehicles, a Scout and a camper, actually drove up the fuel break to the peak. The view of snow-covered peaks around us provided a spectacular panorama.

By five o'clock all were on their way home after a day short on exercise, but fulfilled with natural beauty.

Editor's note: There is no quarrel with Don's use of the word "fulfilled". To carry out, satisfy, or finish is just what he had in mind. But if Daniel Webster had had his wits about him, the word would have been "filfulled".

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