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Waterman Mountain, Twin Peaks

12 April 1969

By: Dick Akawie

Leader: Dick Akawie
Asst.: Russ Mohn

This was our annual joint trip with the Pasadena City College Highlanders. Because of all the snow on the north side of Waterman Mtn., the route of the hike was changed. As planned, we met at Three Points and instead of caravanning to Buckhorn, took the trail which runs along the south side of Waterman. There were 36 who started, with 26 ice axes and 2 walkie-talkie radios, all of which came into use. We walked for about 2 hours along the trail until we came to the most convenient place for climbing Waterman Mtn. At this point, the group split up, 10 going up Waterman, and the 26 with ice axes heading for Twin Peaks. The south side of Waterman was clear, but the north side of Twin Peaks had one or two feet of snow. Twenty-five reached the top of Twin Peaks (one turned back at the saddle) and the other ten reached the top of Waterman.

After lunch, the two groups started back. Four split off the Twin Peaks group, climbed Waterman, and came down the Waterman west ridge. The others joined forces and reached the cars by 5:15 p.m. The walkie-talkies came in handy when one hiker split from the Twin Peaks group without telling the leader and was picked up by the leader of the Waterman group. Contact between the two groups saved us from undertaking a search for him. Moral: Never leave a group without telling the leader.

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