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Liebre Twins, Old Tehachapi Mountain

22 February 1969

By: How Bailey


Bob Hawthorne obtained permission and the gate key from the Tejon Ranch for a scouting expedition to Liebre Twins and (old) Tehachapi -- but only after producing a Sierra Club release signed by the chairman of the Angeles Chapter and promising to carry some oxygen! Twelve of us made the attempt despite the weather that weekend. A wet snow fell Friday night, so the early morning drivers up the Ridge Route were rewarded with spectacular highlighting of the Piru Gorge area. There was snow on the pavement along #138, none on the first of the dirt roads, but up to 6" at the roadhead in Little Oak Canyon. Two 4-wheel drives got there, and one VW stopped 1/4 mile short.

The route goes directly up a trailess ridge (with a little bushwhacking) for 1600 ft., then picks up a jeep road and a short firebreak to the summit. However, this was a "winter ascent." We stirred up a couple of dozen deer and enjoyed the first 2/3 of the climb very much; as we got higher and onto the exposed main ridge, it grew colder and windier. It was 24° F and blowing 30 to 40 mph on top. Nevertheless, the snow in a large oak near the top and the rime ice on the summit cairn were really quite pretty. The sun began to peek through the clouds intermittently.

A few of us were stubborn enough to try to go along the ridge to the high point and over to the old Tehachapi register (about three miles away); but the snow (1-3 ft.), the wind, the lack of visibility and the brush soon convinced us of our stupidity. So we left winter and came down to the cars where the snow was rapidly melting. For once, we arrived home early.

NOTE: This area can only be entered on prior arrangements with the Tejon Ranch as described at the beginning of this write-up. This means it must be an official or semi-official trip that is recognized by the Chapter chairman. We will vote in October on whether or not to keep these peaks on the list under such circumstances.

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