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Liebre Twins, Tehachapi Mountain, Black Mountain #3, Double Mountain

26-27 October 1968

By: How Bailey

Leader: Steve Molnar
Asst.: How Bailey

The biggest fiasco yet! Let's face it, that's all we can say. Some 75 people got up early and drove out to the north side of Antelope Valley, half way between Gorman and Rosamond, expecting to be led up two never (?) scheduled peaks. So what happened? The leader, who had spent a great deal of effort arranging permission for this trip and who had driven around to the Tejon Ranch that morning to pick up a key, got lost on the dirt roads wandering above the aqueduct. We are very sorry.

While the leader stayed to unravel the maze of roads without the pressure of a caravan of 32 cars behind him, the assistant leader led about half the group (38 to be exact) up Black #3. Over half of these stayed overnight at the excellent Kern County Park south of Tehachapi, and 20 climbed Double Mtn. on Sunday. Fred Bode served as assistant. This was a delightful hike, partly cross-country and partly on closed fire roads, covering ten miles RT and almost 4000 ft. of gain in 6 1/2 hours. It turns out we also climbed Tehachapi Mtn., the new official name for what used to be known as Woody's. (So what's with the "old" Tehachapi Mtn.? The high point on a ridge that was never officially named?)

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