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Round Mountain, Luna Mountain, Rattlesnake Mountain, White Mountain #1, Hawes Peak, Shay Mountain, Deer Mountain, Ingham Peak, Little Shay Mountain

5-6 October 1968

By: Wally Henry

Leaders: Wally Henry, Beth Henry

The A and W Root Beer Stand in Hesperia witnessed a strange gather of 40 odd (?) people on October 5. These people later in the morning arrived on top of something called Round Mountain. They looked around and except for the fact that it was a beautiful day, could not figure out why they had come, so they left.

Most of them met a rattlesnake on the way to lunch on Rattlesnake Peak.

By 2:00 p.m., they had survived two car shuttles and had marked two peaks off their list and were headed for their third, Luna. Some of the group lost their heads and started considering the chance of doing White or Hawes before calling it a day. The leader, figuring they didn't really mean it, volunteered to lead a group up Hawes while Paul Lipsohn did the same to a group who needed White.

Camping at Horsesprings was made more enjoyable by Steve Molnar leaving for Fawnskin. (Ed. - Steve returned with cold beer.)

The quiet of Sunday morning was shattered by a shout from the leader, "6:30, everybody up." By this time the number of eager hikers were down to 18. They left Hawes Ranch at 8:30 on the dot for Shay Mtn., then on to Deer where lunch was eaten. At this point several more people came to their senses and declined invitations to go on to Ingham and Little Shay. The official trip was declared over with an opening of cold beer at the cars at 4:00 p.m.

Three peak baggers went on to climb Hawes for a 9 peak weekend -- I don't know if they got back.

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