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Red Tahquitz, Southwell Peak, Antsell Rock, Apache Peak, Spitler Peak, Palm View Peak

23-24 September 1967

By: Lewis M. Hill

Palm View Peak via Humber Park

After arranging a car shuttle from Morris Ranch to Humber Park, four hikers carrying Kelty's left Humber Park. The other 3 were Joe Darrow, Cris Darrow, and Phil Martin. (Time 9:00 a.m.) In Little Tahquitz Valley we picked up two gallons of water for this waterless, fireless trip.

The view from Red Tahquitz was grand. Our route looked easy, but . . . .

Three hours later, we signed in on Southwell. This, though, was not our destination so we pushed on to Antsell Rock. At 6:30 p.m. we were forced to stop short of Antsell. We were lucky in finding relatively flat spots to lay out sleeping sites. After hasty cold suppers we turned in. After an equally hasty (and small) breakfast we pushed on.

Much talk has been generated about Antsell and much of it is true. We went up an R. S. Fink marked trail. Thanks to you, Sam -- we all really appreciated your red ribbons and ducks, not to mention brush cuttings. By 8:00 a.m. we were on Antsell (Kelty's and all). After signing and much conjecture of how to go down, we tried a previously untried route off Antsell (at least with Kelty's on). Sam had mentioned this possible route. We ducked the lower portion of it so it should be easy to find. It goes off the southeast side towards Apache.

After contouring (if you could call it that) around to the south of the buttress between Antsell and Apache, we reached the saddle before Apache. (Time 11:00 a.m.) This was the first place since the night before where it was flat enough to sleep without tying yourself in. By 1:00 we were eating lunch and had already done Apache. Spitler was done in 45 min. from our lunch stop. By now it was 2:15 and we were far from our car shuttle. We reached Palm View Peak by 5:20 and were making haste for it would get dark about 7:00 p.m. We headed into the canyon that runs into the Morris Ranch area. This is brushy high up but gets less brushy later. It also runs by a field from which you can find a trail down to the ranch area. We reached the car at about 6:30.

In retrospect the trip was fun -- but not for large groups (10 or more) as rock falls could be quite hazardous. There was much bush whacking, rock scrambling and cries of AAAGH, OUCH, RCHHH, and such from the participants. The total elevation gain was something like 7000' in 25 miles. Much of this was trailess and all of it was with Kelty's.

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