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Shields Peak, Anderson Peak, San Bernardino East, San Bernardino Peak, Charlton Peak, Jepson Peak, San Gorgonio Mountain, Dobbs Peak

8-9 July 1967

By: Bob Van Allen

San Gorgonio Ridge
Leader: Bob Van Allen
Asst.: Larry Salmon

As promised, there was no rain on the trip this year. All eight scheduled peaks were climbed.

Some of the participants got their first HPS peak. For some, it was also their first Sierra Club trip. Some became eligible for HPS membership. Some grew closer to the magical 100. Some upped their count closer to 200. And - some were just repeating climbs of peaks in one of their favorite areas.

Many people arrived late Friday night at Poopout Hill to eliminate the need of getting up in Los Angeles at the ridiculous hour required to be at the roadhead at 7 a.m. Shortly after 7 a.m., we started for camp - total strength, 24. It's a good thing the assistant leader took arithmetic in school, for the count on any given peak varied from the 24 base by -2 to +15.

A leisurely pace put the head of the group in camp at High Meadow Springs by approximately 10:20 with the tail-enders arriving by 11:00. At noon we left for Shields, Anderson, San Bernardino East, and San Bernardino. Not all starters made all 4 of these peaks, but all had returned to camp by 6 p.m. As usual, the supper menus were as varied as imaginable.

Laughter rang out through the trees as a typical HPS campfire relieved the weariness of the day. I was again reminded that one of the great rewards from our Club activities is the fellowship and benefits derived from group participation.

A gentle call was issued by the leader at 6 a.m., so that there would be time to eat, break camp, backpack to Dollar Lake Saddle and prepare for the day's hiking by 8 a.m.

On time, we left for Charlton. The whole group was eager and Jepson was taken shortly after Charlton. We enjoyed an early lunch on San Gorgonio and left for Dobbs at 11:40. One hour later, people were asking that familiar refrain, "This is Dobbs?" The climb from Dobbs back up to the trail was enjoyed by all. Surely, no one could complain about that few hundred feet after having gained over 7000' so far in the two days. After retrieving our packs, the descent to Poopout Hill was made quickly. The first group was out at 3:30 and the last at 4:30.

This was a most enjoyable (but strenuous) trip. I believe it is worthwhile to schedule it again next year. Will the volunteers for leaders please form a line to the left of the punchbowl at the next social meeting?

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