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Condor Peak, Fox Mountain #2

15 April 1967

By: Dick Akawie

Leader: Dick Akawie
Asst: Ben Neffson

Those of you who rose early on Saturday, April 15, looked out the window and decided that the weather was too threatening for a hike in the local mountains are to be congratulated on your good sense. The 24 people who came out anyway were treated to a wide variety weather -- almost all bad. The 17-1/2 mile hike (5720' gain) started under dark gray skies. Because of the 30 crossings of Trail Creek in each direction, the leader demonstrated to the group how not to cross by stepping on a rock, which rolled, and by falling in at the second crossing. At about the 4000' level, we entered the clouds and from then on visibility was reduced to 20 to 25 feet. Four people had regained their senses and turned back by the time the group left the saddle where the trail hits the fire road. From then on the remaining 20 tromped through drizzle, rain, and snow, arriving at the top of Fox Mountain No. 2 after 4 hours and 5 minutes of hiking. Following an unenjoyable lunch -- all we could see was one another turning blue from the cold -- we retraced our steps toward Condor Peak, and 17 signed in on top. The temperature was 33° and a good wind was blowing hail in our faces. From there it was back to Trail Canyon, where we finally came out below the clouds. The creek was even higher on the trip back than it was on the way up. The last person was out by about 6:00 p.m. and everyone went home to get warm and dry. Those who had also been on the Ross Mountain trip last November agreed that the weather was worse this time. Perhaps this trip should be run again in the near future, so that those who climbed the peaks can see where they were.

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