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San Sevaine Lookout, Buck Point

4 February 1967

By: Anne-Marie Murray

Leader: Ann-Marie Murray
Asst.: Don McLellan, Sr.

A sunny, crystal-clear day and permission to drive across private property made a very enjoyable day of hiking for 63 peak-baggers plus 9 newcomers. Several inches of snow added interest, beauty, and 5 miles to the expected hike. Leaving the cars at the fork of the San Sevaine road, the group hiked to the lookout and helped Bob Van Allen celebrate his 200th peak. We then paraded back to the main road and on to Buck Point, enjoying marvelous views of San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, the entire basin, and Catalina rising out of the ocean. On and around the summit, Bob Herlihy celebrated his 100th peak. Just below the summit, a typical HPS gourmet lunch was spread to celebrate the accomplishment of both Bobs. A register was placed on Buck Point at what seems to be the highest mound; since it is rather difficult to get to without driving, and not many have climbed it, there has not been a register.

Special commendation is due Don McLellan, who was an able scout and led the hiking, since the leader was recovering from a recent appendectomy and made a better caboose.

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