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Kitching Peak

8 January 1967

By: Bob Van Allen

Leader: Bob Van Allen
Asst.: Phil Rapp

With three hours sleep after the annual banquet, this trip was kept at a leisurely pace so as not to awaken the leader.

This trip was scheduled as a joint trip with the Camera Section. At the roadhead, however, the Camera buffs decided they would go only as far as the saddle.

There were others (29) who wanted to reach the summit. All did. The day was clear, very crisp, very windy, and provided a very chilly reception for Barbara Akawie on the attainment of her 100th peak. We encountered good sized sections of snow all along the trail. Little waterfalls along the way were highlighted by icicles.

Lunch was topped off with a German chocolate cake to celebrate the occasion. By that time everyone was so cold that it was no effort at all to get everyone to start down. The views from this peak on a day such as this are tremendous. From the snow-covered east and south slopes of Mt. San Gorgonio, from the Beaumont-Banning flatland out to the Coachella Valley, across to the San Jacintos, the Santa Rosas, and the Palomar Ridge - all make this a most worthwhile trip.

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