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Ranger Peak, Indian Mountain, Black Mountain #1, Suicide Rock

21-22 May 1966

By: Gene Andreosky

Leader: Gene Andreosky
Asst.: Bob Schull

Approximately thirty people showed up at Vista Grande Ranger Station on the Idyllwild-Banning Road on what was a very beautiful day. The trip to Ranger Peak was very easy and the group was able to remain together. The leader first took the group to the old lookout location where the register is located. This, however, is not the high point so on the way back to the Ranger station the assemblage climbed to the high point. Now these people can tell the millions of others who hiked only to the old lookout station - and counted the peak - that they cheated and should go back and climb the high point.

After Ranger Peak, the group caravaned to Indian Mountain with a stop at Fulmer Lake. Indian was a longer hike than Ranger and involved a considerable loss in altitude and then a climb to the peak. On the climb to the peak the leader had a choice of either taking a road to the top or a steep fire break. Since the leader is naturally left-handed, he always possesses the prerogative to do things backwards. He therefore took everyone up the firebreak and down the road. Lunch was eaten on top of Indian Mountain. It's a good thing the leader had a cast-iron stomach what with the comments made about his sardines with mustard sauce and the chocolate cookies with the white stuff in between.

After Indian the group scattered. One smaller group climbed Black Mtn. via Cinco Poses trail. By the way, if anyone knows what poses means will they please let me know? Others went to Black Mtn. by the more conventional route - the road - these took automobiles after being assured by the leader that the road for the most part would be pretty good. Reports from this group indicated that the road for the most part was pretty bad!

On Sunday, the leader, assistant leader, and three others made a loop trip of Suicide Peak. They climbed the peak via the trail and descended over the other side to Humber Park. The vegetation was beautiful. This trip is especially recommended in the spring and will probably be scheduled next spring.

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