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Mount Lowe, Mount Markham, San Gabriel Peak, Mount Disappointment, Mount Deception, Occidental Peak, Waterman Mountain, Twin Peaks

16-17 April 1966

By: Bob Van Allen

Leader: Bob Van Allen
Sat. Asst.: Jim Van Allen
Sun. Asst.: Les Reid

All of the peaks scheduled for this trip were completed and each day of hiking ended early enough so that anyone with a strong desire could do other easy peaks nearby. The truth of the matter seems that the six peaks on Saturday and two on Sunday were enough to satisfy the hiking appetite of most everyone.

Most of the Saturday participants met at Red Box at 7:30 a.m. but several joined us later at Markham Saddle. Mt. Lowe saw 38 members and guests sign in. Traversing from Lowe to Mt. Markham we picked up 4 more and signed in 42. From Markham, we descended the scree slope back to the trail and Markham Saddle.

A few hikers left the group at this point, and more new ones joined and as a result, a short time later we were 42 on San Gabriel Peak. Thanks to the work of the trail maintenance party several weeks before, the upper portions of the trail had been restored to excellent condition and presented no problem.

On the way to Mt. Disappointment we gathered 3 more people for a total of 45, only to decrease to 38 by the time we got to Mt. Deception.

Finding shade on Mt. Deception is not the easiest part of the trip but we did manage to find enough shade to get everyone out of the sun for awhile. If you recall - this was the weekend that hit new record highs for Los Angeles.

After lunch on Deception, we returned to the cars via the San Gabriel Peak trail and Markham Saddle. Following a short refreshment break at the cars, we caravanned to the foot of the KNX road. From that point, we hiked up the road, past the tower, and out the ridge trail to Occidental Peak. 32 made this peak and most seemed to be enjoying the fact that it was the last peak of the day. The last 1/2 mile of the trail approaching the summit has to be one of the most heavily ducked trails in the Angeles Forest.

Arriving at the cars about 3:00 p.m., many departed for home (some of whom returned on Sunday) and the rest headed for Chilao Campground. (NOTE: although Buckhorn was the scheduled campground, we could not use it as it has been temporarily closed by the Forest Service for repair (storm damage) and improvement). An enjoyable evening in beautiful weather was had by all who stayed over.

Sunday saw many people still game after Saturday plus some new participants. The Mt. Waterman trail is a fine trail. It is well graded maintenance is excellent, and the views are some of the best. A group of 40 made the summit of Waterman and a short "gorp" break was taken before proceeding to Twin Peaks.

Eight people decided to return from Waterman rather than take the trip to Twin Peaks. However, all 32 who started for the Twins made it. Descending trailles from Waterman to the saddle is fast and fun, but on the way back the trail was welcomed by all. Everyone was back to the cars by 4:00 p.m.

Beautiful weather, interesting companions, good exercise, and fine scenery made it an enjoyable weekend. Total participatiion for the weekend represented 309 ascents - maybe not a record - but certainly a lot of fun in the Hundred Peaks game.

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