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Lizard Head

27 March 1966

By: Vic Miller

Leader: Vic Miller
Asst.: How Bailey

A total of 50 persons arrived for this trip, a number after the scheduled meeting time, though I believe that all latecomers eventually joined the group and signed the roll. The leaders had their hands full keeping such a large group intact, and especially in negotiating the trailless terrain on the ridges approaching the high point. 41 hikers climbed to the named high point (though this is not the high point of the immediate area), and were treated to a rather seldom appreciated view of the San Rafael Wild Area from the east. Madulce Peak, the summit only of Big Pine Mtn. (which dominates Santa Barbara County), and almost inaccessible Samon Peak were all apparent against the western skyline. Nine people were left about 3/4 of a mile from the summit, which involved some bushwhacking.

The water in Rancho Nuevo Creek did not prove to the taste of all, though virtually all developed a real thirst what with the warm, clear, balmy weather. A trip into Rancho Nuevo Canyon could well be recommended as an interesting and scenically attractive hike by itself. All participants who signed on the roll sheet were back to the cars by 5:50 p.m.

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