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Condor Peak

22 January 1966

By: Miriam Myhre

Leader: Miriam Myhre

Twenty-nine avid peak-baggers turned out eagerly to enjoy a day of climbing and hiking up Trail Canyon to Condor Peak. Due to the washed-out access road to the parking area, it was necessary to caravan the group to the trailhead. This caused a 1/2 hour delay, but by 8:30 the attack on Condor Peak was under way.

The hike had been thoroughly scouted 2 weeks prior and 60 plus stream crossings were encountered. Trail conditions were poor in some places, so the leaders decided to do only Condor Peak and not try for Iron because of the extra time needed for the stream crossings. On the day of the hike, everyone was happy to note that the water level had gone down considerably. This expedited the entire trip. The summit of Condor was reached by 1:00. Sid Davis led a group of fast hikers over to Iron. Two members also did Fox.

The group left the summit at 2:00 for the descent through beautiful Trail Canyon. All were out by 5:15. It was a wonderful day. I as leader want to commend the entire group on their fine spirit, their co-operation. Particularly impressive was the friendly, compatible spirit shown by all. Leading such a group was not just a duty to be done -- it was a pleasure. I hope I have the privilege of seeing them all on the trail again.

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