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Cummings Mountain, Bear Mountain

13-14 November 1965

By: Bob Hawthorne

After a year of negotiations, six days of scouting, 20 letters, and several telephone calls, we finally found the right people and found them very cooperative and willing to let us pass through their property to these never-before-scheduled-and-climbed peaks. We think it very fine of these folks who keep up the roads and gates to let us use them after the vandalism they suffer during deer season.

Twenty-three members, no guests, drove to within 4 miles and a 2000' gain of Cummings Mtn. for a pleasant hike through Christmas tree forest, Jeffrey Pine and White Fir, colored by falling Kellogg Oak leaves. Although skies were cloudy, visibility of Los Angeles, Los Padres, and Sequoia Forest mountains was unusually good.

Sunday, the same group (with 2 guests and some exploration over wrong roads) found the owner on the Bear Mtn. Ranch, C. J. Harasta, a friend and former member of the Sierra Club. He hopped into his Jeep and directed us over the best route (cow and deer trails) to the summit of Bear Mtn. The big rain that started that weekend kindly held off with a slight drizzle just as the last stragglers were getting back to the cars.

We wish to thank the Austins, Campbells, Keenes, Cummings, and Harastas for their kindness, cooperation, and directions that made two very enjoyable days for us. We hope that neither this write-up nor other oral accounts will spur anyone to trespass or bother the owners with requests. We want to keep our good relations so we can schedule another trip sometime.

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