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Pisgah Peak

26 September 1965

By: Anne-Marie Murray

Leaders: Bob Van Allen and Ben Romero

On Sunday, Sept. 26, about 50 peak baggers set out in true Sierra Club fashion to master the wilderness. The trail to our peak, Pisgah, on Yucaipa Ridge, began in an apple orchard with the red fruit hanging ripe and ready for harvesting. (We were tempted, but no one plucked.) The rancher (Mr. Jack Detter) generously permitted to hike on his truck road, and ably led by Bob Van Allen and Ben Romero we sooon reached the upper heights. Below, the valleys were blanketed by clouds, and only the summits of San Jacinto and San Gorgonio floated above the white sea. Our trail, however, was warm and clear and a fox and deer were spotted running through the brush. The younger hikers (Frost, Van Allen and Petitjean families) had a grand time bagging little creatures along with the peak. A lizard and horny toad were admired but for some reason, the older folk failed to appreciate a rather large centipede. After a leisurely lunch on the summit, we quickly descended to enjoy fresh chilled cider in the famous Oak Glen apple orchards. It was a hike enjoyed by all - right down to the 2 year old daughter of Jim May.

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