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Trip Archives
These archives are taken from the pages of the Hundred Peaks Section's newsletter, the Lookout. They are a great resource for planning future trips to HPS peaks.

Back issues of the Lookout
Several back issues of the Lookout, mainly from the 1960s but also many from recent years

Hundred Peaks Section Emblems & Recognition of Accomplishment

A list of honors awarded to our members both past and present. This includes Chapter level awards.

Peak Registers
Still under development, but meanwhile enjoy these:

Mountains of Southern California
This is the July 1946 list of mountain summits published by Weldon Heald to facilitate his 100 Peaks Game. This document was one of our first HPS Peak Lists! It is presented here in its original format as it appeared on three type-written pages. This document was provided by our late member, R.S. Fink, who was our first list finisher less than four years after this list was published.

List of Peaks, 1979
This is the 1979 list of peaks published in the Lookout, scanned in by Don Porter.

Retired Peak Guides
Here are the older versions of our peak guides, preserved for historical interest. The current versions can be accessed by selecting "Climbing Guides" from the menu to the left.

Summit Signatures
The sources of our peak names. A series of articles from our newsletter examining the source of our peak names.

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